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Professional Equine Portrait Photography

Horses are beautiful animals and make for fantastic photography subjects for stylish fine art photography. Equine photography captures the special bond between a horse and their owner in beautiful images.

Mark Lord is a professional photographer based in Oxfordshire with over 20 years of experience photographing everything from weddings, family photos and even beloved pets. Mark’s passion is capturing creative and beautiful images that you can treasure and look back over for many years to come.

Whether you are looking to have simple horse portraits or some striking action shots of you and your horse, Mark Lord has the experience and knowledge to capture the very best imagery possible of your beautiful horse.

Horse Portrait & Photography Service

Mark has worked with a variety of horses and owners and has had experience working with Olympic Horse Riding Champion, Carl Hester and his infamous horse, Valegro.

We can photograph your horse in any setting that you would prefer, whether it is in the field, stable or walking along a farm track. We would suggest getting a range of horse pictures in a variety of backgrounds to provide a diverse range of images.

In addition, Mark makes use of post-shoot techniques and equipment to retouch your horse photographs to ensure they are of high quality and meet your expectations.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and Mark can help you plan the perfect photography session for you and your horse.


We provide a high-quality animal photography service by ensuring we set up the perfect photo session by considering things like pose, backdrop and lighting. Mark will work closely with you to discover you and your horse’s personality to bring it out during the photography session.

Horse lovers and horse owners can have a deep bond with their horses. You might think of your beloved horse as a best friend or a pet, or maybe you hold a deep respect for your working horse and admire their strength and determination. Whoever they are, Mark will capture their beauty and unique character with high-quality horse photography.

Black and White Horse Photography

Black and white photography removes any distractions of colour and helps the viewer focus on other aspects of the photo, such as the subject. A black-and-white image can be striking, especially when the subject is something as powerful as a horse.

Black and white photography is especially beautiful when shooting contrasts. For example, a black or dark brown horse set against a light background in the morning sun can create a beautiful image. Winter is an ideal time to take black-and-white images for a horse photography session. This season can create beautifully bleak images that can help create a natural or rustic feel.

High-Quality Horse Photos

Mark is an experienced photographer with the knowledge and equipment to produce high-quality images of your horse. Mark makes use of a combination of fast shutter speed, natural light and a telephoto lens to capture breath-taking action shots of your horse outside. This also allows Mark to keep his distance which helps keep your horse calm and happy during the photo shoot.

When it comes to taking close-up portraits of your horse, Mark can use a wide aperture to provide a large depth of field that keeps most of the horse in the frame while also blurring the background, ensuring your horse is the centre of attention.


At Mark Lord Photography, we provide a bespoke experience catered to you and your horse. We take unique photos capturing special moments in time, creating treasured memories of the bonds between horse and rider. As each client will have different requirements this can make the horse photography costs vary.

Please contact us to discuss your bespoke package. Mark provides transparency when it comes to cost, giving you peace of mind when booking a photo shoot.


Horses are magnificent animals and we understand that each horse is different, which is why each horse photography photoshoot is individually tailored to your needs and requirements. Not only does this provide high-quality bespoke photos of your beloved horse, but it also ensures that the experience is stress-free for both you and your horse.

Do you have another furry friend that deserves their own portrait?


Are you looking for equine photography? Then look no further than Mark Lord. If you are interested in hiring Mark as your professional horse photographer and would like to discuss your photography options, then we would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch using the form below or give Mark a call on 01844 351 218 to discuss your requirements.


Yes, Mark does black-and-white equestrian photography. Black and white photography is especially beautiful when shooting contrasts. View our gallery here.

At Mark Lord Photography, we focus on our client requirements. We can shoot conformation style shots, beautiful action photos whilst you are working your horse, or take horse and rider portrait shots at your chosen photo location in and around Oxfordshire. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

To produce shots of horses, Mark works with the handler and horse. Mark will take great care in ensuring that your horse is comfortable and calm during the shoot to create a beautiful collection of photographs. We take care to ensure that the experience is stress-free for both you and your horse. Mark is an award-winning photographer and is well-known for producing high-quality equine images.

As each client will have different requirements this can make the horse photography cost vary. Please contact us to discuss your bespoke package. Mark provides transparency when it comes to cost, giving you peace of mind when booking a photo shoot.

In and around Oxfordshire provides many beautiful settings for horse photography, enabling Mark to create stunning images of you and your horse. It is possible to have horse-only pictures or your session can include action shots or horse and rider portraits.

Are you looking to purchase a voucher for a horse photography session for someone? We can design a bespoke voucher to suit your requirements & budget.

Yes, we do produce digital horse images. Our digital images are high-resolution and can be printed to a large size if required. Mark will provide you with a selection of quality digital photographs after the photo session that have been professionally edited. The digital files are yours to keep and use as you wish. We also provide an online gallery where you can download, share and print your beautiful pictures at your convenience.


If you’re looking for a commercial photographer in Oxford for anything from architectural photography and corporate headshots, to mouth-watering food photography and breathtaking images of your garden, we’d love to hear from you.


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    Francesca, one of our brides from a few years back whom I have remained friends with via the wonders of social networking recently contacted me to arrange a shoot for her and her new dressage horse. With several sessions cancelled due to the unpredictable British weather we finally got together for the shoot earlier this week. With a bit of colour on the trees, a dry day and some reasonable light everything was looking good for the photo session. Bube her new horse, a dressage champion however was not so keen, he is naturally a pro in the arena but not such a pro at having his picture taken. However, with a few cheeky noises from me and a little gentle persuasion from his boss we got there in the end.

    Francesca runs Sunhill Stud in Gloucestershire, the heart of good riding country. Francesca has achieved a number of qualifications, including a Flathorse trainers license and a Lady riders License as well as being awarded a 1st Level Riding Instructor Qualification. More about Francesca and her wonderful horses can be found by clicking here.

    Here are some of my favourite images from the session

    I think Francesca liked the images as she has just ‘Facebooked’ me the word AMAZING! She is getting a lot of comments from her Italian family and friends on her Facebook page about the pictures – If only I could understand Italian!

    Please do get in touch if you would like some pictures of you and your horses for publicity or just for yourself.