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You eat with your eyes before you even taste your food. This is why Mark Lord’s food photography service is essential to you and the content you post.

Our Food goes on a journey from the farm, through preparation, to consumption, and we can photograph it at any stage, no matter what your involvement in the food process is. Whether you run an artisan cafe that prepares beautiful lunches, a deli stocked with seasonal produce, or a restaurant that prides itself on luxurious dishes – we would love to work with you.


Mark is a professional photographer who brings so much value to the businesses he works with throughout the likes of Oxford and Buckinghamshire, all the way to Berkshire, Thames Valley and even the Cotswolds.


If you deal with produce such as vegetables and fruits, or even if you raise cattle on a farm and would like quality imagery of your work, Mark is the person for you! Remember, your food can taste great, but if it doesn’t look great, people might not even bother buying from you in the first place. This is why some of the most successful food businesses in the world prioritise their visuals, from the first step of the journey to the last.   

Mark is able to offer the following commercial photography services in Oxford, Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas:

Once the ingredients have been harvested, it is time to prepare them.

Whether you are a fine dining restaurant or a small catering business, crafting and preparing dishes for people is an art form that is deserving of beautiful photographs. 

The sharp slice of your ingredients, the balloon flame of a flambé, the delicate drizzle of sauce on a plate. Food preparation is more like moving art, and your finely tuned skills make you the artist. Allow Mark to photograph you doing what you do best, by capturing you preparing food to perfection.

Plates in their final form are masterpieces waiting to be captured.

Whether you are a pub putting together a rustic roast or a restaurant that uses tweezers to place the final details, your dishes deserve more than just the attention you give them.

Dishes that have been created from beautifully seasonal produce are a great way to showcase your food preparation skills as well as the care and love you have for your work. This is where Mark comes in handy, as he will photograph your food beautifully to capture all of the colours, the presentation, and the ingredients that you have put into your dish. 

Mark has worked with countless artisan businesses to recognise their vision and provide beautiful imagery for their brands. 

Notably, he worked alongside the Orange Bakery to create the photography for their book, using both their baked goods and props to create artistic, exciting images that both represent the brand and show consumers what the business is all about.

You can click here to read about Mark’s work with the Orange Bakery on the Breadsong Book. 

He loves to work with businesses that sell and produce homegrown, seasonal produce. Shoots involving the likes of grass-fed cattle, British sourced produce, and organic vegetables have led to some of his most successful work. If you are a local artisan using traditional and locally sourced food, please get in touch to discuss your photography needs.

Artisan food businesses like local restaurants, delis, and coffee shops are perfect for photographing. Show not only your local area but the world around you the products you sell and create.

Mark likes to tell your story through his images. If you operate in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, the Thames Valley, or the Cotswolds, Mark could be a perfect fit for you.

Whether you have an idea in mind or are struggling with the visuals, Mark will work with you to find a style that matches your brand. Every business is different, which is why he approaches each shoot differently. This is where his experience is so crucial; he’s worked with sumptuous businesses that deal with high-class customers and knows what draws this type of clientele in. Importantly, he knows how to tell your story.  

You create the food, and Mark will deliver delicious images.


Why choose Mark?

Your business should have a bank of content that represents you and your brand to use for social media and websites, as well as events and portfolios. Having a collection of representative and beautifully shot images will massively increase your trustworthiness to potential clients and customers. This could then increase your online presence, growing your business

What is the main goal of food photography?

Food photography aims to capture beautiful images of culinary creations. Creating attractive still life images involves specialised commercial photography and the images created are often used on social media, websites, advertisements, and more.

What do food photographers do?

Food photographers set up, style, and capture still life images of anything from single ingredients to whole meals. Their job is to make the dish look as appetising as possible for the images to be used on websites, social media, advertisements, and much more. 

This is skilled photography as it takes lots of experience and even more practice to make food images appetising, which is essential to this type of work as your eyes eat first!

How important is food photography and styling to the food industry?

Having quality images of your food has been very important to the food industry for decades. If your food cannot be photographed well, it will not appear appetising to potential customers.

Food photography captures your culinary creations in their best light, and these images can be used in many ways for food and catering businesses to attract customers, and thus revenue. Without quality imagery, many businesses would struggle to entice potential customers with their beautifully plated food. 


If you’re looking for a commercial photographer in Oxford for anything from architectural photography and corporate headshots, to mouth-watering food photography and breathtaking images of your garden, we’d love to hear from you.


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