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Professional Pet Portraits

Animals play an important part in many of our lives. They are our constant companions & a member of our family.

Animal photography is a little different than photographing people, but Mark Lord has extensive experience as a portrait photographer and has the experience and skills to provide you with some beautiful unique images of your pet and best friend. 

Pet Photography Sessions

We can arrange a shoot at home or a favourite location that will put your pet at ease. As a pet owner, you will know best where your pet will be comfortable and how to bring out their natural character for some great shots. To get the most out of your photo session we recommend going for a walk outside with your pet. Natural light helps create the best photographs.

After your photo shoot, we will edit your pictures in post-processing and arrange for you to come and have a viewing. You can choose your favourite pictures to display at home or to put in photo albums. You will also receive a complimentary secure online gallery to view the images in the comfort of your own home.

Portrait Photography

Portraits are all about the eyes, even when the subject is an animal rather than a person. This is why Mark will get down on your pet’s eye level during the photo shoot to create a unique pet portrait. This is also a great way to bring out the unique personality of your pet. 

As a professional photographer, Mark has the experience and knowledge to take high-quality images of your pet without you having to worry about camera settings. Take a look at our gallery below to see some of Mark’s previous work. 

Pet Photography Tips

Mark uses a combination of fast shutter speeds, continuous focus and burst mode to take a range of action shots for pets that have a hard time sitting still. This is especially effective during dog photography as it can be used to capture beautiful action shots of your dog playing fetch or running outside. 

To avoid having the background distract from your pet, Mark can use a wide aperture to blur the background to ensure your pet will be the centre of attention. In addition, if your pet is shy or doesn’t like strangers a telephoto lens will allow Mark to keep his distance and keep your pet calm and happy during the photo shoot. No matter how awkward or shy your pet might be, Mark can provide you with beautiful photos. 

Record The Perfect Moment With Your Furry Friends With Professionally Taken Pet Photos

We understand that each animal is different, which is why each animal photography session is individually tailored to ensure your pet stays stress-free and happy. Not only is this best for your pet, but it also provides high-quality, bespoke photos of your pet for you to cherish. 

If you would love your furry friend to be involved in a family portrait, click here to view our family portrait service

If you are interested in hiring Mark as a professional pet photographer and would like to discuss your photography options we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch using the form below or give Mark a call on 01844 351 218 to discuss your requirements.


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