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Based in rural Oxfordshire, Mark has a strong appreciation for the British countryside and uses his specialisation in photographing people to create a beautiful narrative of the countryside. 

Mark is able to photograph everything from you hard at work in your artisan business to the wide vistas of your charming garden. For Mark, nothing is better than producing beautiful images that celebrate the quintessential British heritage of the countryside and those that live and work there. 

Artisan Photography Services In Oxford

Mark Lord is a professional photographer based in Oxfordshire with over 12 years of experience having people in front of his camera. Mark has a deep passion for photographing the British countryside and the people who make it so great. 

Mark’s artisan photography service, Grow & Make, specialises in creating beautiful images of artisan business owners, stunning gardens and the special everyday scenes that make up life in the British countryside. 

Mark is able to offer the following photography services in Oxford, Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas:

Mark has a lifelong love of the British countryside and those who work to make it so special. In recent years he has begun to provide a photography service for these artisan business owners who are looking after their small corner of the planet. 

Mark travels around the countryside photographing small, artisan businesses, ranging from food producers to craftsmen, to create a rich tapestry of beautiful images. 

For the perfect images of your garden that demonstrates all of your hard work, you need a professional photographer that has a passion for gardening and creating beautiful images. 

Mark will come to your garden and photograph it from every possible angle to create stunning and unique images for multiple uses such as social media, editorial or print media. 

Mark has always had a keen eye for capturing the everyday moments. He’s managed to spread this quality work over a variety of exclusive events and moments. 

His work across such examples as the Gifford Circus perfectly encapsulates Mark’s photographic skill for capturing the heart and soul of a truly special place or event.

Horses are beautiful animals and make for the perfect photography subject. We can photograph your horse in any setting that you would prefer, whether it is in the field, stable or walking along a farm track.

We suggest getting a range of pictures in a variety of backgrounds. Get in touch to discuss your requirements and Mark can help you plan the perfect photography session for you and your horse.

Capture The Quintessential British Heritage Of Your Artisan Business With Professional Photography

As an experienced commercial photographer based in Oxfordshire, Mark has spent years working with a wide range of businesses and clients across the south of England, ranging from local food producers to artisan craftsman with everything in between. 

Each shoot has its own unique requirements and Mark will work closely with you to ensure that your individual needs are met. Mark’s friendly and tailored approach will ensure that final images exceed all of your expectations. 


If you’re looking for a commercial photographer in Oxford for anything from architectural photography and corporate headshots, to mouth-watering food photography and breathtaking images of your garden, we’d love to hear from you.


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