Black and White Wedding Photography

Traditional black and white photography is very popular for today’s modern couple as it provides a timeless record of their wedding day. Black and white photojournalistic wedding photography is synonymous to Mark Lord Photography, he is a digital b&w wedding photographer who specializes in story book albums. His wedding albums are made using a mixture of colour and black and white wedding photography.

People often wonder “should I have a black and white wedding photographer?” for their wedding, Mark Lord feels that b&w wedding photography really makes for a great album, the images are less complicated than colour and helps draw the viewer to the expressions and the content of the image.

Also stunning bridal portraits can be taken by using b/w photography, it is very flattering as it makes skin look great and helps draw attention to the subjects’ eyes and expression. Black and white wedding photography can create dramatic bridal portraits, particularly if architecture and landscapes are used in the pictures.
Black and white offers digital wedding photographers the ability to work in low light conditions such as in churches, and is also great for winter weddings when the light fades earlier in the day. Black and white wedding photography often means your photographer can shoot without the use of flash in very low light conditions making them less obtrusive and very discreet.

There are many black and white wedding photographers creating wedding photography packages for today’s fashionable couples. Some of these photographers will still shoot film, they will use a couple of rolls of colour film to create some colour photographs along with some rolls of b/w film.

There is however an advantage in booking a digital wedding photographer over a film photographer and that is the digital wedding photographer doesn’t have to decide whether the pictures will be better in colour or b&w until they are editing the pictures after the wedding, where as a film photographer would have to make this choice on the wedding day. Sometimes film photographers can have a limited final mixture of colour and b&w pictures.

Digital wedding photographers are able to offer their customers a mixture of colour, black and white, sepia or blue toned images making a wide variety of picture styles in their customers’ albums.

Please view Mark Lord’s galleries for examples of b&w wedding photography.